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Principal's Message

Western welcomes Supt. Cheryl Hildreth
Western welcomes Supt. Cheryl Hildreth

Western Avenue Elementary School is one of seventy plus elementary schools that make up the Local District West of the Los Angeles Unified School District. We are a single track school located in Chesterfield Square in Los Angeles California. We have been servicing our community since 1909.

Throughout our 100 year history, countless students have passed through these halls. Western is an urban school that facilitates a supportive environment in which students are prepared to be global learners understanding and making connection with world. Our ultimate goal is to empower students to become independent, critical thinkers,  who are able to succeed in our diverse and changing society. We echo the LAUSD mission statement:

"The teachers, administrators, and staff of the Los Angeles Unified School District believe in the equal worth and dignity of all students and are committed to educate all students to their maximum potential."


-Shilby Sims