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Contact Dr. Sims  Dr. Sims Principal


Faculty and Staff
Contact Ms. Carbajal  Ms. Carbajal Teacher
Contact Mr. Castro  Mr. Castro (323) 295-3261 Coordinator
Contact Shawn Hacker  Shawn Hacker (323) 295-3261 Teacher
Contact Mariela Jimenez  Mariela Jimenez Teacher
Contact Judy Mejia  Judy Mejia Teacher
Contact Zunlida Rodriguez  Zunlida Rodriguez Teacher
Contact Ms. Sanchez  Ms. Sanchez (323) 295-3261 Teacher
Contact Ms. Uribe  Ms. Uribe Teacher
Contact Anahi Vargas  Anahi Vargas Teacher

Western Ave TECH Magnet School
Los Angeles Unified School District
1724 W. 53rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90062
Tel: 323-295-3261
Fax: 323-295-4809